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EIOM- Ente Italiano Organizzazione Mostre (Italian Agency for Fair Organization) has created an innovative system to manage events, and a new format for exhibitors and operators.
Uptoday EIOM organizes both international Conferences / Fairs and one-day events.

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Calendar of events

Event Industry sectors Location and date
mcTER Web Edition Idrogeno Hydrogen technologies , June 28, 2021
mcTER Web Edition Cogenerazione Cogeneration , June 29, 2021
mcTER Web Edition Biometano/Biogas/Biocombustibili Biomethan/biogasses/Biofuels , June 30, 2021
mcTER Web Edition Smart Efficiency Smart Efficiency , July 1, 2021
mcTER Web Edition Energy Storage/Fotovoltaico Energy Storage/Photovoltaic , July 2, 2021
H&B Efficienza Energetica Web Edition Energy Efficiency 4.0, Home Automation and Building Automation , July 2, 2021
Congresso ATI 76th Congress of the Italian Thermotechnical Association Roma, September 15-17, 2021
mcTER Cogenerazione Applications of Cogeneration Milan, September 21, 2021
mcTER Biometano-Biogas-Biomasse Biometano-Biogas-Biomasse Milan, September 21, 2021
mcTER Energy Storage e Fotovoltaico Energy storage, photovoltaic and integrated systems Milan, September 21, 2021
mcTER Smart Efficiency Milano Smart solutions for efficiency, smart metering, energy diagnosis Milan, September 21, 2021
mcTER Idrogeno Hydrogen technologies Milan, September 21, 2021
Congresso ISEC 19th International Stirling Engine Conference Roma, September 22-23, 2021
MCM Industrial Maintenance and Asset Management Verona, October 27-28, 2021
SAVE Automation, Instrumentation, Sensors, Solutions for Industry 4.0 Verona, October 27-28, 2021
Home & Building Home Automation and Building Technologies Verona, October 27-28, 2021
ISE Industrial Software Exhibition IT solutions for the industry Verona, October 27-28, 2021
mcTER Cogenerazione Applications of Cogeneration Verona, October 27, 2021
mcTER Alimentare Verona Thermotechnics / Energy efficiency for food Verona, October 28, 2021
mcT Petrolchimico Milano Technology for the Petrochemical Milan, November 25, 2021
mcT Cyber Security Cyber Security Milan, November 25, 2021
mcT ATEX Antincendio Technologies and solutions for areas at risk of explosion Milan, November 25, 2021
mcT Plastica Technologies for the Plastic industry Milan, November 25, 2021
mcT Chimica Technologies for the chemical industry Milan, November 25, 2021
PLC Forum Web Edition PLC, DCS, Scada, HMI and control systems , December 1, 2021
MCM Web Edition Pharma & Chemical Asset Management and Maintenance for Pharma and Chemical , December 2, 2021
SAVE Web Edition Pharma & Chemical Automation and Instrumentation for Pharma & Chemical , December 2, 2021
mcTER Web Edition Pharma & Chemical Thermotechnics / Energy efficiency for Pharma & Chemical , December 3, 2021

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